My bittersweet conclusion to two months.

I’ll begin with a “TLDR” version of why I went on a sabbatical. Simply put, I had volunteered myself to become the “this is fine” meme. I would have major breakdowns over minor inconveniences, and tell myself to suck it up and work harder…

— Controversial advice for aspiring product designers in Indian design schools.

(Inspired by my brief stint in teaching at Srishti School of Design)

Product design is no cake walk. So, your time in design school shouldn’t be. If you feel like you’re not doing enough, or you’re not being taught…

Ed-tech is the new normal and the latest cool train to catch. Kids love it, but parents and educators are curious about it.

Let’s face it, screens have replaced story-time, play-time, dinner-time, and dare say it, school! Of course, you can’t entirely replace school, because it’s part time day care…

Swati Banerjee

Experience Designer // Designing the future of education // Advocator for ethical design

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